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Music is a conduit I use to deepen my connection with those who can relate to my pain, purpose, and my unique journey with Jesus.” - Tacondra



Texas-based artist Tacondra is best known for her approach to conveying heart-felt messages through music that touches the souls of all people. If you have a "less is more" sensibility and like little surprises in your listening to music, Tacondra's melodies are your match. Her sound is unique, unheard of, often overlooked yet is captivating. Songs infused with human element and flowing with feelings of freedom, raw emotions, and peace is her style.

In a world of over-sexualized ladies and pop culture, Tacondra is a role model to women, wives, mothers, and young adults, preaching healing, wholeness, authenticity, love, and sophistication on every level.

Tacondra creates music with her daughter and music producer, "AJ" of AJ Beats Music, and enjoys collaborating with other Believers making their unconventional mark in the creative mountain. Not only an artist, Tacondra is also an author, transformational leader, speaker, and mentor. One encounter with her voice or presence will inspire you to live authentically, love endlessly, and let your light shine outrageously.


Tacondra's Music

"When words fail, MUSIC speaks"